I’ve been coding in various forms since I was in middle school. Before college, most of my experience was in HTML + CSS, which I learned so that I could make a custom pet page on Neopets, and Scratch, a graphical programming language for teaching kids to program.



This was a website I built so I could let guests into my apartment’s garage by just sending them a link. This one was a lot of fun and is actually depended on by some people- wow!


This started out with the idea of a webpage that featured a single YouTube video and anyone could change it to share something new. After building that prototype, I realized it was nice to see a few previously posted videos. Unfortunately, people ended up mostly using the page mainly to promote their own channels or share bad meme videos instead of for sharing their favorite content. Probably the big mistake here was not requiring an account to change the featured video.

One cool thing about this project was it went briefly viral a few times. The first time was when a Vsauce-related YouTube channel gave it a 10-second shoutout in one of their videos. Later, a much larger Spanish language channel featured the site. After a long stretch of low traffic, someone posted the site to a Yandex page about cool websites, prompting a wave of Russian visitors.


Snake Reloaded

Snake Reloaded for the PICO-8 This is probably my most polished game. I made it on PICO-8, an 8-bit fantasy console that attempts to spur creativity through arbritrary limits. In retrospect, the difficulty is a little high.

I really think I was on to something with the “tron” mode- give it a try, it’s extremely difficult, but a lot of fun. I think my high score is 10. Drop me a line if you manage to beat that.
(Snake Reloaded)

Twitter bots


I’ve always liked reading Wikipedia Controversy sections— they’re always straight to the point. This bot surfaces random Wikipedia controversy sectiions and tweets a summary of them. Admittedly, many of the controversies it surfaces are pretty horrible; I didn’t intend for the bot’s content to be inflammatory but here we are.


The idea behind this one was like, when someone dies, after a certain period of time there won’t be anyone left to remember them, so this bot can at least give us a reminder of those long gone.


Square 2

A Close Shave

A Close Shave made using Scratch (A Close Shave)