Me and my girlfriend saw Elephant 6 member of Montreal on Saturday and had a blast. Kevin Barnes, the band’s lead singer, wore a blue wig and a shiny kind of dress, while the backup dancers kept changing their outfits starting out in Twilight Zone-style masks and eventually wearing leotards, fake horse heads, lobster-claw arms, and riding on top of another dancer in a dragon suit.

Setlist highlights

True Beauty Forever

This song didn’t stick out much to me before the show, but now it’s the one that’s still stuck in my head (hence the title of this post 🤠).

Gronlandic Edit

I first got into this song during the 2020 lockdown, when the world felt totally dull and on its way out. The normally-busy street outside my apartment was empty and I only left the house for two things: to go on a run or to restock on groceries. I related a lot to this song because somehow, it felt like the world had entered Kevin Barnes’ headspace— he wrote the song in a deep depression, when he was going through a difficult divorce from his first wife.

The first few lines described my life too:

I am satisfied,
hiding in my friend’s apartment,
only leaving once a day- to buy some groceries.
Daylight I’m so absent-minded,
Night-time meeting new anxieties

Heimdalsgate Like A Promethean Curse

Tell me that poppy bridge and chorus aren’t gonna be stuck in your head for ages, too 😌.

I have no idea what the title means. If you’ve got a clue, please email me.